Lincoln County Highway Department

Welcome to Lincoln County Missouri Highway Department

The objective of the Lincoln County Highway Department is to maintain and improve roads, bridges, street signs and regulatory signs, provide snow removal and ice control, and oversee capital improvement road projects throughout Lincoln County with the exception of the Elsberry Special Road District.

 With a current staff of 31, including both administrative and operators. The department is responsible for:

  • 195 miles of pavement
  • 286 miles of gravel
  • 86 bridges
  • 5 sets of flood gates
  • 39 slab/low water crossings
  • 4300+ culverts
  • 2600+ signs

County Streets/Roads

County roads are any public road located outside the jurisdiction of the various cities in the County and that are not part of the state system.

Private Streets/Roads

Private roads are owned and maintained by the property owner/s on that road. Roads that are inside a subdivision are private roads and not maintained by the County. 

State Maintained Highways

The state highway system includes any numbered (Hwy 47, Hwy 61 etc.) or lettered route (Hwy C, Hwy H, etc.). The state is responsible for the traffic signals/signs and other road maintenance along these highways and overpasses. You may contact them at 314-275-1500 or 888-ASK-MODOT.

Other Maintained Roads

Roads within the Elsberry Special Road District and within any municipality city limits are maintained by those entities.