Projects are in progress or planned to begin in 2022

  • Taylor School Rd–tree removal and road widening————————————————COMPLETED
  • John Creech Rd–road widening, tree removal, culvert pipe replacement———————–COMPLETED
  • Fred Norton Rd–new box culvert to replace current LWC—————————————-COMPLETED
  • Pieper Rd–replace culverts at creek crossing——————————————————-COMPLETED
  • Eversmeyer Rd–tree removal/shoulder grading, road widening———————————COMPLETED
  • Davis Rd–Road widening and culvert pipe replacement——————————————COMPLETED
  • Sandy Slough/E. Burr Oak Rd–Tree removal, ditching, culvert pipe replacement————COMPLETED
  • Saddle Ridge Rd–road widening, tree removal, culvert pipe replacement———————-IN PROGRESS
  • Gerding Rd–tree removal/shoulder grading——————————————————-COMPLETED
  • Hammett Rd–box culvert replacement ————————————————————-COMPLETED
  • Hammett Rd–box culvert widening—————————————————————–Summer/Fall 2023
  • N. Lindsey Rd–Low Water crossing repairs——————————————————–COMPLETED