Projects are in progress or planned to begin in 2022

  • N. Rock Church Rd — road widening, tree removal———————————–COMPLETED 
  • Timberland Rd — road widening, culvert pipe replacement————————-COMPLETED
  • S. Chantilly Rd from Hwy 47 to Bob’s Creek–road widening, tree removal——-COMPLETED
  • Kitson Rd–tree removal and road widening——————————————COMPLETED
  • Cave Farm Rd–road widening and culvert pipe replacement———————–COMPLETED
  • Taylor School Rd–tree removal and road widening———————————-IN PROGRESS
  • John Creech Rd–road widening, tree removal, culvert pipe replacement———IN PROGRESS
  • Saddle Ridge Rd–road widening, tree removal, culvert pipe replacement———2023 Start Date
  • John Creech Rd–replace box culvert 1/4 mile West of US 61———————–IN PROGRESS/ Road expected to open 3PM Thursday November 10th. 
  • Huber Ln–install box culvert on Little Lead Creek———————————–COMPLETED
  • Meier Rd–tree removal, shoulder improvements————————————-COMPLETED
  • Mette Rd — widen corners/safety improvements————————————–COMPLETED
  • Meier Rd @ Brevator Rd — safety improvements/intersection widening———–COMPLETED
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