2020 Road Construction Projects

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Projects are in progress or planned to begin in 2020

  • Carter Rd–tree removal, road widening and straightening, culvert pipe replacement——–Completed
  • Giles Rd from Box #313 to Hwy U  ——————————————————————Completed
  • N. Moore School Rd–road widening, culvert pipe replacement———————————-Completed
  • Sugar Grove Rd– road widening, tree removal, culvert pipe replacement———————-In Progress
  • Schemmer Rd–road widening, tree removal, culvert pipe replacement————————-Completed
  • New bridge on Meier Rd at Bob’s Creek————————————————————-Completed
  • New bridge on Eversmeyer Rd————————————————————————September 1st start
  • New bridge on 5th St. Elsberry at intersection with Page Branch Rd—————————–Planned
  • Teasley Ln–culvert pipe installation—————————————————————–Completed
  • Wilson Rd–tree removal——————————————————————————Completed
  • Giles Rd–creek repairs including bend weirs and stabilization———————————–Completed
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